July 21, 2010

Bass horn SAF

Let's deal with the biggest challenge first - spouse approval. A single guy can build a bass horn as big as he wants, but most audio enthusiasts have to get it past the interior design committee. So for most a bass horn seems out of question. Anything bigger than a tissue box is sometimes met with "can't you make it invisible?" I have some suggestions that can make your wildest bass horn fantasies come true.

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Are you a home owner?

If the answer is yes then you have a lot of options. A bass horn needs to be attached to the room, but it doesn't have to be in the room. One way to do it is build a false wall and if building from scratch you might allow for this. Or you could build it very much like a fireplace where the chimney is the same width as the bottom part. This could work in a big room.

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Consider every surface in the room - ceiling, floor, walls. An attic could become a bass horn, although construction is a challenge. Subfloor space is also possible if you have a timber floor. Unused cupboard space in an adjacent room? Many options here.

Covert subwoofers

If the above aren't options, there is no need for fretting and frustration, here are some alternatives. Firstly, a covert subwoofer. Let's face it - every home has big items that we all accept because we realise they have a function that makes size an issue. Cars, fridges, freezers, Air Conditioners, Heaters, fireplaces, computers, pantrys, wardrobes, built in ducts, dining tables, benches, couches, coffee tables, buffet units, fish tanks. All these are space hungry consumers but how often do you hear of men complaining their wife won't let him have a big fridge?! So the solution for some can be to build a fish tank subwoofer!

Can you make it look like a piece of furniture? Or can you make it look like part of the room? You might build a false wall subwoofer. It simply looks like a part of the room, same paint as the walls, and even a skirting board. It does not need to be actually built in.

Two approaches

So there you have two approaches that could work quite well, depending on your situation. Obviously it won't work for everyone - a lot of rooms don't allow any kind of bass horn and some partners won't come around to the idea of a bass horn. Still, there are a lot of would-be bass horn owners who simply need a new idea. And even if your partner is fussy, you might even be able to work together on something together.

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