May 27, 2011

Bass integration guide

In this article, I cover how to best set up the bass in your room. It has occurred to me that many audio enthusiasts pay careful attention to every aspect of their system while accepting mediocre performance in the bass. In response I've put together a process aimed at pursuing the best possible performance. It isn't for those willing to stop at good performance. I'm writing this for those who are passionate about bass. 

The first of this three part series is now online at Hifi Zine:
(June issue 2011)

The first part focuses on measuring the current level of performance in your room. Some performance targets are also introduced so that you can see the areas that need improvement.

Bass integration - part 2
(September issue 2011)

Part 2 covers acoustic treatment. How to modify your room for improved performance and how to choose bass traps.

Bass integration - part 3
(June issue 2012)

Part 3 covers speaker placement and system calibration.Of particular interest to many will be EQ.


  1. Hey Paul, this link is not working on my end.


  2. Dan, thanks for pointing that out. It isn't published yet (didn't realise the link doesn't work for others!) It should be up today if not over the next couple of days.

  3. The June issue is now online and the link to my article now works.


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