May 21, 2011

Unity horns + Acoustic Elegance TD18H + Maelstrom 18

This afternoon I had a chance to take some measurements of some speakers of great interest. One of very few Unity horns, along with some Acoustic Elegance TD18H woofers and a Maelstrom sub.

You can also see a pair of 6th order bandpass subs with 12" drivers. 

Nearfield measurement of the Maelstrom. It was converted to Aperiodic since the vents were tuned too high. 

Acoustic Elegance TD18H - nearfield measurement. 

All up, 3 subs and two active woofers. Quite a lot that can go wrong! There were some challenges in setting up EQ and integrating them. The Maelstrom sub near the couch was used for the bottom end. The bandpass subs were actually reducing the bottom end output due to interference. Compared to integrating a sealed sub with mains, there is a great deal more complexity.


  1. Is it possible to get distortion testing of the TD18H+?

  2. Afraid not. Measurements taken for the purposes of integration only.


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