April 7, 2016

Introducing AV10 and AV12

We're now launching AV series. This is a range of speakers designed with serious home theatre in mind. Shown here is AV10 on the left and AV12R on the right. These will shortly be installed in "the red room" ready for audition. 

AV series concept

AV series represents smart design with serious home theatre enthusiasts in mind. All models are intended to be able to reach THX reference levels even with modstly powered AV receivers. In fact, even our smallest speaker in the range can be expected to exceed the capability of nearly all other speakers on the market even where they are given the advantage of a very high powered amplifier. 

Design brief

We've designed AV series to offer:
  • exceptional value
  • extreme output capability
  • vocal clarity
  • neutral and accurate sound
  • consistency across a considerable listening area
  • superior dispersion control


AV series is offered as DIY kits or fully finished. Kits include:

  • DIY Flat pack 
  • Drivers
  • Terminals, screws, hardware
  • Pre built handle made passive crossovers (active versions available by request)
Finished versions come with a choice of finish:
  • Sprayed satin 2 pack finish
  • Sprayed piano gloss black
  • Selected veneers in satin or gloss finish
  • Custom finishes available also
Photo above shows kits that have been assembled with textured black finish. This is not the finish that we provide with the finished version but demonstrates the finish that is easiest to achieve. This finish is quite accessible to the average handy man with no special tools.