October 28, 2014

PSE-144 in various colours

18" flat pack assembly animation

October 27, 2014

Which speaker would you prefer for home theatre?

A - A conventional 3 way speaker with dome tweeter and 6" mid - 93 dB sensitivity on the top section,  with a pair of 8" or 10" woofers (active). A fairly slim speaker with plenty of bass extension.

B - 8" passive 2 way with compression driver, 8" waveguide and 93 dB sensitivity. More chunky with just enough extension to mate with a sub (80 Hz). Higher output than A and a more controlled dispersion pattern.

C-10" floorstander with about an extra octave bass extension over B. 94 dB sensitivity.

D - Satellite version of C, similar to B but with more output.

E - Highest output and sensitivity of all options, basically a larger version of D.

F - Second highest output of all options, cheaper than E but more chunky in appearance due to 12" driver and waveguide. Technically better waveguide but more "pro audio" in appearance.

October 23, 2014

High output surround speakers

This is a sketch of some high output surround speaker options I'm considering.

All feature an 8" woofer and onwall mounting.

On the left, a dipole surround with a side dipole array with dome tweeters and 3" mids. Next to it, a higher output version with compression drivers. Then AV8 for comparison and an 8" coax which has a shallower profile.