October 23, 2014

High output surround speakers

This is a sketch of some high output surround speaker options I'm considering.

All feature an 8" woofer and onwall mounting.

On the left, a dipole surround with a side dipole array with dome tweeters and 3" mids. Next to it, a higher output version with compression drivers. Then AV8 for comparison and an 8" coax which has a shallower profile.


  1. All of them should be capable of 120 dB @ 1m from a single box. Given that THX reference is 105 dB in the listening position and it's a peak figure, these should have plenty of headroom even at reference levels.

    Don't compare that to figures from anyone else - max SPL ratings are usually very optimistic. The only way to compare is by the same standard.


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