June 5, 2011


Since launching in 2009, Red Spade Audio blog has exceeded my expectations in traffic with over 12,000 hits each month. Due to the strong search engine performance, most of the traffic comes from Google. 

Don't take my word for it ...

Run a Google search on the title of any post here. You are likely to find my blog featured in the top 3. Now with over 200 pages on diverse topics, it only gets better from here. 

Here is an example of the Google result with keywords "bass integration guide."
My page comes up third and links to my article which is featured in the two links above it. The page that ranks fourth is another link to the same article. 


Your ad will appear on every page in a prominent position to maximise exposure and effectiveness. Ads will be inserted as raster images so they will not be blocked by ad blockers. They will be seen. 


Small: 325 x 80 pixels $400 - 12 months
Medium: 325 x 125 pixels $500 - 12 months
Large: 325 x 180 pixels $600 - 12 months

Design of the banner is included. I will incorporate any existing designs and modify as needed, or design one from scratch. In addition I will include a page about your products or services.

Want to set up your own blog?

Even if you already have a website, a blog can be a useful tool for your business. It's easier than you think and has advantages that you probably hadn't considered. Contact me to discuss setting up your own blog. 

Website help

Whether you want to set up a website from scratch or you need to get more out of your existing website, I can help. Contact me to discuss website services.

Enquire about advertising

Contact me to enquire about advertising.

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