October 28, 2014

PSE-144 in various colours

18" flat pack assembly animation

October 27, 2014

Which speaker would you prefer for home theatre?

A - A conventional 3 way speaker with dome tweeter and 6" mid - 93 dB sensitivity on the top section,  with a pair of 8" or 10" woofers (active). A fairly slim speaker with plenty of bass extension.

B - 8" passive 2 way with compression driver, 8" waveguide and 93 dB sensitivity. More chunky with just enough extension to mate with a sub (80 Hz). Higher output than A and a more controlled dispersion pattern.

C-10" floorstander with about an extra octave bass extension over B. 94 dB sensitivity.

D - Satellite version of C, similar to B but with more output.

E - Highest output and sensitivity of all options, basically a larger version of D.

F - Second highest output of all options, cheaper than E but more chunky in appearance due to 12" driver and waveguide. Technically better waveguide but more "pro audio" in appearance.

October 23, 2014

High output surround speakers

This is a sketch of some high output surround speaker options I'm considering.

All feature an 8" woofer and onwall mounting.

On the left, a dipole surround with a side dipole array with dome tweeters and 3" mids. Next to it, a higher output version with compression drivers. Then AV8 for comparison and an 8" coax which has a shallower profile.

September 18, 2014

AV8 - home theatre speaker

AV8 is an 8" home theatre speaker with high output and sensitivity in a compact form.

PSE-144 white complete with bass module

PSE-144 white with bass module

Red Spade Audio Reference 18 sub

This is the first sub now available from Red Spade Audio assembled and finished - Reference 18.

Features a high excursion 18" sub driver and a 32mm MDF cabinet. 1 kW amplifier.

Finished in satin black (2 pack) as shown in the photo. Also available in various veneers in satin or high gloss finish as well as high gloss black.

Dimensions: 550 mm W x 600 mm H x 500 mm D.

Includes grille and solid rubber sub feet are provided as standard.

Why bring a sub to the market?

The market is flooded with 12" subs but I am finding that many of my acoustics clients appreciate something more. For many the option to go beyond existing subs on the market leads to multiple subs and it starts to become more expensive. This sub will do the work of around four 12" sealed subs without costing four times the price. I developed this sub as an option for my clients.