May 24, 2011

Room measurement service

A new room measurement service in Melbourne

Following numerous requests, I'm now offering a room measurement service to Melbourne suburbs.

Update: I also provide a remote service that enables you to take your own measurements, and I will provide support and interpretation services.

More about the remote service >

When done right and correctly understood, measurements will show you exactly how you can achieve great bass in your room. If you want to learn how to take your own measurements, I can also show you how to do it effectively.

You can find out:
  • how your speakers and room are performing
  • how you can benefit from acoustic treatment
  • how you can benefit from EQ
  • how best to integrate your system with the room

I will explain the charts and what they mean.

How the process works

1. Define the goals

You explain what you would like to get out of the process. You might want to see how your system is performing. Or you may be after help with integrating your sub, which is more involved. If your expectations are a bit higher, you might want to go through a complete bass integration process.

2. Measurements

I will take measurements in your room to suit your goals.

3. Analysis

I will explain the charts and what they are indicating, along with pointing out areas for improvement.

4. Suggestions for improvement

Depending on what you are open to considering, I will discuss options to improve.

The process can become more involved than this, depending on your requirements. A complete bass integration may require more than one visit. 

What kind of measurements are involved?

I will take measurements that show the response of of the speakers independent of the room as well as in-room measurements. Frequency response is a start, but there is a lot of important information about a room contained in time domain measurements. Even if you have used EQ to get a flat response, it's more than likely there are substantial further improvements possible when you consider also the time domain.

What happens next?

What you do with the results is entirely up to you. You might satisfy your curiosity or you might want to do everything you possibly can to get great bass. Bass traps, multiple subs, active woofers, EQ, placement changes, phase alignment - those are all options I can help you with.

Room measurement case study >


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  1. As someone who needed to know what my room was doing, but not having the tools or the expertise, I found this service invaluable.

    I now know what I need to do with my room and my speaker building project.


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