December 5, 2010

Active crossover listening tests

How do active crossovers perform when compared subjectively in a listening test?

After some discussion on StereoNet, I was curious and a number of other members had various popular units to allow a side by side test. On two separate occasions in two very different systems we compared some of the most popular active crossovers:

Behringer Ultradrive DCX
Behringer Ultradrive DCX with the Pilgrim audio mods

All of these units were discussed in active options and which one is right for me? Apart from their features, how do they sound when they are doing the same thing?


What did we hear? In some cases we found it difficult if not impossible to pick a difference. As with many tests, we also had mixed results. Results ranged from not hearing anything to being able to pick clearly a difference blind folded. We came away from the tests with some useful insights. Overall we came away from the tests with a clear impression of what these units can do.

Test 1: Keith W's tube/horn system
Test 2: Antripodean's unity horn system

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