December 9, 2010

TL speaker gallery

My TL article is the most popular in this blog. Many people around the world have built their own version and occasionally I hear from them with questions or feedback.

Have you built the TL?

If so, please share your experience. You might like to post your comments here. You might also like to share links to your photos.


Mellow Fellow:
MF has a thread going on at Overclockers:

Build thread >

You can see he's come up with his own twist and there is some obvious skill there at coming up with a nice finish.

Steve B:
View the other photos >

Russ S:
View larger version

1 comment:

  1. Dear Paul,

    My TLs are finished, apart from the grills. Here are some pics:

    How do they sound? I'm not sure I have the audiophile vocabulary to express how they sound, but they sound AMAZING !!! It did take a couple of weeks to conclude what I thought of their sound. At first, I was a little disappointed with the quantity of low bass. I ended up taking out 30% of the polyfill (about 1m x 0.5m left in rear chamber and a smaller bit in the bottom) and pushing the cabinets back closer to the wall (with higher SAF), which seems to have improved the quantity of low bass.

    The instruments that really sound incredible are low guitar, piano, male vocal, double bass and the like. It's just incredible mid-bass - I've never heard anything like it. The top end is brilliant too (padded tweeter, wax-coil inductors, Jantzen Z-caps, etc). Sounds very very accurate and "non-boxy". The sound is right up in your face - I love it.

    The final veneer result has some problems with discolouration - e.g. where the rare earth magnets are buried for the grill !!! Next time I don't think I'll go for as light a timber colour. The veneer has 5 coats of Cabothane in satin. No stain was used - the cabothane yellows the timber quite a lot.

    I did not end up putting a solid timber baffle on the front, despite buying some nice red maple. I had SAF problems with the two-tone and did not have time to drive around matching veneer and timber. I also came around to thinking that the grills (a spousal promise) would interfere with the baffle roundover, so why not build the roundover into the grills themselves? I noticed that this is what has been done on the Paradigm mini-monitors in my office - the grills are rounded over on the vertical. This also seems to be common on some other commercial models I have seen, so this is the plan.

    Note the separate crossovers – easy to mod in future.

    Many thanks for all your help - could not have done it without you.


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