December 27, 2010

Summer 2010/2011 in the works

Right now I'm building some oblate spheroid waveguides. Just a pair of small 6" guides to mate with a 6" mid. My first go at integrating my new compression drivers. So far (as always) it's taking much longer than expected!

Also planning:

  • large rectangular waveguides - 15" 40 x 90 degree and perhaps an 18" like the Unity
  • some big bass traps (ones that can live permanently in the room)
  • quadratic diffusors and some absorbers
  • under floor bass horns
  • AV rack

This is the mounting plate. The CD needs to be bolted on to a flange. As the WG won't have one, I use an acrylic sheet. 

These are the parts that make up the waveguide. They still need to be aligned, glued and turned up. I had a mishap with the acrylic when drilling. :( This is just a prototype, I keep telling myself. I may get the final one CNC cut.

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