April 30, 2011

How to design an acoustic diffuser panel

The information here will help you quickly design your own. You may prefer to simply build from a dimensioned plan, however, persist with this quick guide and you will soon have your own custom version that can be sized for your own requirements.

Diffuser primer >

1. Download QRD calculator >

This is a free application that makes it easy.

2. Choose the number of wells for each module

3. Choose either the depth or the lowest design frequency

Choosing one will determine the other. The region above 1k is critical for imaging, hence it is a good idea to aim for your panel to operate to that point at least.

4. Check the listening distance

5. Check the fin width

6. Decide on 1D or 2D

If your panel is 2D then click 2D from the top menu.

Now you have all the information that you need. Grab the calculator and work out how much material you will need. 3mm MDF would work well for the fins, but for the wells you may choose something a little thicker to make it easier. Keep in mind that if 18mm MDF is used, the panels will become heavy and more difficult to mount.

For more information, read the guide written by Collo, who designed this free application.

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