April 24, 2011

REW measurements - TL speakers and Rythmik Subs

This one is digging into the archives for some measurements of my TL speakers shown elsewhere on this blog. They were combined with Rythmik subs. 


Looks pretty good doesn't it? This is showing a smoothed chart of my subs and TLs combined with some PEQ to get them flat. 1/3 octave smoothing approximates what we hear, but does it hide problems?

Here is the unsmoothed version. As you can see, it's also pretty good. No real problems hidden here.

What really reveals problems is the waterfall:

The steady state response is fine, but the waterfall shows considerable modal ringing. Bass traps are needed.

This is what I get with bass traps:

The steady state response isn't perhaps quite as flat in places, mainly due to spending less time on EQ in the dark green version. There are quite a few things different (speakers and crossover settings), however the critical thing is room treatment. The bass traps make a world of difference. The real achievement in the last chart lies in getting a shorter decay time. Subjectively it's a dramatic improvement.

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