March 18, 2016

DIY remote speaker switch box


How do you switch between different sets of speakers without getting out of your seat and unplugging? And why do you need it?

Why is it needed?

 For most there is no burning reason for a speaker switch box. In our case, we needed a solution to switch between speakers. We are installing two speakers from our AV range inside a bass trap. There will be no way to access the terminals and we need to switch between two models chosen for demos. 

How it works

The switch device is based on relays and a remote controlled board. This means being able to switch remotely. Unlike typical products on the market, the relays are rated to 10A.

A 12V plug pack powers the board and we are going to use 4 pole speakon connectors. A single 4 pole cable can be installed for a pair of speakers.

The board with four 10A relays:

Our MDF box soon to be sanded and painted:

The board does come in its own box but it didn't really allow enough space for decent cables, so we made a bigger box to allow some space and provide for speakon connectors. We like speakons for their ease of use. Once wired correctly, there is no way to mess up polarity afterwards.