August 24, 2010

JV60 upgrades

One of the most popular speaker kits in Australia was the Jaycar JV60. I upgraded one of these in the past with very good results.

If you are looking for an upgrade, I now recommend LSK TL6.


  1. Is that $199 for 4x woofer + 2x tweeters? Awesome value.

  2. Check again - the link goes to the cabinet. I can't find the actual kit with drivers and crossover on the website, but you can buy them separately from Jaycar.

  3. Hello, I recently bought a pair of JV60s. In the Silicon Chip article accomanying the instructions is the following paragraph: "L1 is a 4mH inductor and rolls off the second bass driver W1 at 6dB per octave above 200Hz. In effect, the second woofer is there to provide a 3dB boost to frequencies below 200Hz..."

    I'm a bit confused: Is the 3dB boost coming as a result of the crossover, or is it the result of the second woofer? With the current doof-doof style of music the JV60 are just a bit too big in the low bass and I'd like to have a flat response below 200Hz. Is this something easy changed on the crossover, or is it a function of the box and driver?

    regards - Paul S (yes - another one!)

  4. Paul, the JV60 is a 2.5 way design. This is simply one way of providing bafflestep compensation. A passive crossover can't provide boost - the boost the article refers to is acoustic as a result of having two drivers for the bass. However, to avoid this boost applying across the full range, the inductor rolls of above 200 Hz. This is simply an acoustic compensation for the loss of efficiency caused by a narrow baffle compared to being flush mounted in a wall.

    It is possible to convert the crossover. Simply duplicate the crossover section for the midbass, the one without the 200 Hz inductor. I don't recommend this. You will probably not fix whatever bass issue you have and you will likely have a recessed lower midrange.

    So the response is designed to be flat, but if you find the bass is overpowering then you have a room issue. I suggest bass traps and EQ. If anything, the bass from this speaker with TL loading is understated. The vented Jaycar version is probably a bit more punchy. You might like to read up on bafflestep, especially at

  5. I likewise had a Bass tip up problem in a living room. One solution is to remove the low woofer & replace hole with particle board. Also open-circuit R1 [ filter not required ] This still gave plenty of Bass - I had to cut a bit more with the Amp bass control. You also get 2 spare drivers for the next project !

  6. Personally I would just modify the crossover so that the second woofer was crossing over to the tweeter. Redesign is not needed - you just copy the existing mid network. You gain 3db sensitivity and you can better deal with room curve issues with EQ.

  7. Is the crossover upgrade still available?

    1. Yes - shoot me a message via the contact form (top right) and I'll send you some new options at different price points.


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