November 14, 2010

3 way budget active system

I'm currently "in-between speakers." Having sold the TLs, I'm using some cheap speakers while I get around to putting together something more serious.

Vifa D19 poly dome
Vifa C17 paper cone (modified)

Rythmik servo subs
Crossover: Behringer Ultradrive DCX 2496

Here is the crossover in it's current state:

So you can see the crossover is at 3k and the polarity of the tweeter is reversed (otherwise there is a dip).

Many people think that the crossover will be where you set the filters. This is usually far from the truth. The electrical filters and acoustic driver response are added together. The settings used to get this response are:

Mid: 3rd order butterworth low pass @ 2k
Tweeter: 4th order Linkwitz Riley @ 2.4k

This is quite some distance from the 3k crossover point. In order to get this crossover to work, I also used a little parametric EQ around 2.4k.

The sound is quite different to what I have been listening to. I've been previously running the system time aligned using the auto align feature on DCX. I don't trust the delay settings used, so I have taken them out. The imaging is clearly different. It's possible to make big changes here quickly and easily, but it can take some time to find settings that you are happy with.

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