October 26, 2011

Point source prototype #2 complete

My second point source horn prototype is now complete! Quite a bit bigger than the previous one:

The previous has been stripped of its drivers during testing. I wanted to be sure it works before buying more drivers. Here is the crossover:

It has gone through a quick optimisation. Raw responses shown in grey. You can see the midrange has a peak as expected from the sims, easily removed with EQ to get a nice smooth response shown in green. The top end extension is less than anticipated, something which I will need to investigate further. The tweeter runs a little lower than I prefer. Just one PEQ filter was needed to get the treble response flat. So with two PEQ filters it measures very flat, most of the response is +/- 1.5 dB. The treble runs 2 dB lower than the midrange to achieve the slightly mellower voicing that I prefer.

Here you can see the ports and baffles that make this design work. You can also see wedges to fill up the corners.

Very industrial looking. It looks even more militant than the previous horn. Drivers are wired to achieve a 12 ohm load. 

This version has been made more smooth, with no sharp edges.

I have only had a chance to have a quick listen in mono (hard to judge that way). The sound is very similar to the first, but with wider coverage. I now need to finish the second to evaluate it properly. 

My polar measurement rig is now complete, so I will be taking more extensive measurements soon. 


  1. polars!

    Any thoughts about sharing the dimensions of the pieces?

  2. Polars coming soon, dimensioned plans are another matter!

  3. I guess that's a "no" on the piece dimensions...

  4. Looking awesome, hope to see more syn builds from you !!


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