January 26, 2012

80L CSS SDX15 sub - part 4

Edges trimmed:

Edges were trimmed with the hand plane. You might notice the gouges where I've used the plane. Unfortunately I was in a bit of a hurry at the time and didn't check the blade. On closer inspection later I found that it had been damaged and needed grinding back. The gouges aren't a serious concern because they will soon be covered with bog anyway. 

Filling holes:

Bog filler applied over butt joins, then sanded:

Next up, I applied a roundover to the edges, 3mm on the bottom edge, 6mm to all others. 

I also cut a groove at the join. The idea here is to conceal the join so that if any cracks appear over time, they will be hidden in the groove.

Clamping the feet. Fixed with polyurethane glue, chosen for its very high strength. It is four times as strong as ordinary PVA and expands when curing to ensure a good bond. The oozing glue was wiped over the edges to seal them up.

Preparing for painting over MDF butt joins

Have you ever seen an MDF box where paint has been applied over butt joins? In virtually every case where great care isn't taken, a hairline crack appears. It is caused by the ends of the MDF soaking up paint and then expanding more than the rest of the material. How am I handling this?

Firstly, I've cut a groove at the join so that any cracks will be concealed if they appear. Secondly I have buttered up all the edges with two part bog. This will tend to avoid the edges soaking up paint. I've also applied polyurethane glue over the edges as a second layer. The plan is to spray the box with automotive paint with a satin black finish. 

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