April 5, 2014

PSE-144 testing

Although PSE-144 is light due to fibreglass, it did prove a challenge to test on my turntable given the height of the platform and the depth of the horn. The mouth is placed at the pivot point of the turntable.

PSE-144 is nearing release of the kit version. Shown here is one of a number of fibreglass prototypes being tested.


  1. Beautiful Paul, it's come along way from the S1 prototype. I've been lurking on this blog for almost 2 years while dreaming of owning horn speakers one day (gradually saving the $$$) Hoping to purchase a kit form from you or maybe even a custom made set of horns as i'm not very handy at building things. So do you have any pics of what the finished system would look like paired with bass modules. Will there be the option of an active system with DSP?

    I'm assuming there are some sonic improvements with this new oval shaped waveguide over the rectangular shade used in the S3 prototype? As well as looking sexy as hell ;)

  2. What's the size of this thing....? :-0

  3. This is puzzling as I thought I had replied to your comment LTG.

    They have only just been set up on my bass boxes - no photos just yet but they will follow.

    Yes - there is both an active and passive version. I want to encourage the use of active DSP because I believe it is the best option.

    The elliptical profile was chosen to create the smoothest possible transition from the circular aperture at the throat to the mouth. A pyramid horn is more accessible for a DIYer to build and its feasible as a custom version, but it's also a compromise here. The interest in this project was enough to avoid this compromise in creating an elliptical version.

  4. The horn is 900mm wide x 600mm high (3' x 2')


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