February 26, 2011

Econowave deluxe

This is a deluxe Econowave that I've been involved in building. This one belongs to Roger, one of a handfull of DIY enthusiasts that have been getting together in Melbourne to test out some waveguide speakers and active crossovers. Compared to working in isolation, we get to experience more things without having to buy and it's a lot of fun. Above is the not quite finished first box. It needs some sanding, round-overs and finishing. 

Faital pro compression driver on an 18 sound waveguide. The compression driver has a novel phase plug and I believe the cost is similar to the B&C DE250 that I use. 

Drivers - Acoustic Elegance TD10M

This is one driver that I'm keen to hear. It does appear to be exceptional.

All the MDF panels CNC cut. This made it all very simple. 

We started by gluing the baffles. A larger cut means no routing necessary to flush mount the drivers. 

You can see the internal brace and the corner pieces that will help when the front edges are rounded over. Rather than use very large clamps, we opted to use screws to hold it together while the glue sets. The screws can be removed and filled later. 

The rear terminals will be flush mounted. 

Assembled first box.

Mostly complete first box. With the panels having been previously cut, all of the above took the better part of a day to complete. This speaker will be featured in the next waveguide shoot out.

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