February 27, 2011

Econowave deluxe - part 2

Both boxes are now complete enough for testing, with a port in the side.

Edges after round over and sanding.

Now they just need a little more filling and they will be ready for finishing.

Initial impressions

These have many of the qualities I like about my Miniwaves, however when it comes to achieving a certain effortless quality in the midrange, these go to another level. They could easily fill a large room. They can play very loud and clean.


  1. hi Paul, can you point me to discussion/post where you have given details of this build? like xover point, EQing, power amp used, box volume etc.

    1. I'm not so sure I've posted much on this project but it has come back for a passive crossover, soon to be built. The box has been spray painted long ago. I will be putting together a kit that is similar, using a different waveguide. It should be available next year.


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