February 15, 2011

Active surround box - update 2

See part 1 >

Almost done. The wiring works out to be more complicated than expected!

My solder holder. I previously used a clamp to solder RCA plugs, pots, etc. Makes soldering easier. 

Connections to MiniDSP. This is a header which can be snapped off to get the right size. Quite fiddly to solder and easy to apply too much heat. You may well ask why use shielded interconnect cable inside this box? It really isn't necessary as the box acts as a shield, but extra doesn't hurt. It ended up being much more difficult, so from this point I'll simply use hookup wire. Much easier to work with.

EDIT: I decided to ditch this shielded cable and replace it with unshielded twisted pairs. 

Pots have a little lug that require a mounting plate. The smaller hole is for the lug that prevents the pot from rotating.  Just a small sheet of acrylic I had handy.

Passive attenuators inserted in between MiniDSP and the power amps. You can see one of the headers that goes into the power amp module. Input connections to MiniDSP have not bee added yet.

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