August 15, 2009


Here you'll find various audio projects and articles to inspire you in your search to create the ultimate system.
New to DIY?

Few people realise how much value you can add to your system by DIY. The most critical part of your system is the speakers, and this is where you can add the most value with DIY. What makes DIY so exciting? It's simply this - if you make wise choices, you can create a system that will beat one you couldn't otherwise afford.

Above: Current home theatre setup with diy omni speakers and Rythmik servo subs


Transmission line speakers

Transmission line speakers based on Vifa drivers (Vifa P17 and Vifa D25AG). Complete with crossover and box dimensions.

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Open baffle speakers

An open baffle version of my TLs.

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Rythmik Servo subwoofers

My first serious audio project.

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Omni speakers

Room friendly speakers with a massive sweet spot.

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Articles - coming soon

DIY - creating the system you think you can't afford

Yes, it's possible to create that system you thought you couldn't afford. It's easier than you think. No excuses!

Majoring on the big issues

It makes sense to put the most effort where you get the most return, but common sense isn't so common in audio! Here are my suggestions about what is most important.

Open baffle speakers

Uncovering the magic of one of the most under-rated speakers in mainstream audio.

Getting the bass right

An approach that works well for music and movies.

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