November 11, 2010

Room EQ example

I strongly recommend that you aim to add bass traps to your room. Not convinced it's worth it? Take the free bass trap test.

Black: Raw response
Red: After EQ

This setup includes sealed stand mounts crossing at 80 Hz to sealed Rythmik servo subwoofers, where the mains sit on top of the subs. Behringer Ultracurve was used for EQ, with one PEQ cut for the midbass, then the auto EQ feature was used to smooth things out a little as well. In this case, attempts to boost the dips were manually defeated.

In this particular room, the listening area is small and the two critical seats have only a slight variation.

It would be difficult to get this result with acoustic treatment, but this does illustrate a point. Room EQ is effective where acoustic treatment is not. It becomes increasingly ineffective where acoustic treatment is best used - above 100 Hz. I will be aiming to improve the region above 100 Hz with acoustic treatment down the track.

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