March 7, 2011

Cutting reticulated foam

I'm currently working on finding a way to cut reticulated foam to improve waveguides.

Here you can see an old Birko 120w soldring iron. I flattened the tip, then drilled a small hole to fit the copper wire.

The wire is shaped to the profile of the waveguide.

Unfortunately only the first 12mm or so of the wire was hot enough to cut the foam. It isn't likely that it will get hot enough and stay hot enough for the entire wire to do the job. I will need to either use just the tip, or investigate other methods. I will be trying a regular hot knife.


  1. I've seen someone recommend an electric carving knife.

    Sorry if you've mentioned elsewhere - where did you get the foam?

  2. You can find it here:

  3. Hi Paul,

    Love your blog.

    With regard to cutting the foam, it may well be easier if you dampen it with a little water, then freeze it so it holds it shape better whilst cutting. That way you can drill it or use your carving knife with more precision.

    Hope this helps
    Cheers Mick35


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