November 5, 2011

Point source horn directivity measurements

After the construction of my polar measurement rig was complete, I had a couple of friends (Andi & Roger) over to help with some measurements. Andi brought his laptop and Arta, Roger brought his Yorkville Unity horns, shown below:

 Roger is standing there to make sure it stays on the stand! It is very high up in the air.

We also measured the 8" B&C woofer in my prototype surround speaker. 

S2 from behind.


  1. as usual you guys pushing the envelope, great stuff!!
    p.s. silly ARTA question - to do the directivity sonogram plots does it need the registered version?

    How does the Yorkville sound when used as a hifi speaker?

  2. You can do them on the trial version, you just can't save the measurement files, you can export raster plots only.

    The Yorkville is very good - I could easily live with those.


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