December 11, 2011

Bass module - continued

Bracing and top and bottom panels

Inside layer of the front panel added:



You may notice that I don't use a lot of clamps compared to many other builds posted online. I prefer to glue and screw because it allows me to keep working, as the screws hold things in place without the need to wait until the glue achieves adequate strength.

The vertical members below serve as bracing for the angled back walls. They also enabled the bracing to be connected together without adding any but the top and bottom panels.

Side walls were attached after the frame, followed by the back, with the angled sections added last.

Box now assembled:

The box is double layer on the front, single layer elsewhere. It will have a composite material applied on the internal walls later.

10mm strips were added so that I could do angle cuts on the table saw.

No, my fingers didn't get that close! Held in place for the photo to show how they were cut. 

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