March 17, 2012

Spray painting system

For some time now I've been putting together a spray painting system and it's now complete.

2.5 hp compressor:

This compressor has a maximum air delivery of 280 L/min. I've also installed a moisture filter, seen below:

Moisture is an issue with home compressors. Commercial systems have expensive air drying systems. Obviously any moisture in the air is a problem. I may put together a more elaborate system with long runs of copper pipe to allow the air to cool so that water will condense in the pipes before going out the gun. 

I've made a device to hold the gun while mixing in the paint. You can also see my filtering mask. It's a 3M and not the same as those used for dust - special filters are needed. This one also fits very well and is comfortable.

I've discovered spraying outdoors can be frustrating, wind can be a problem. I'm considering constructing a spray booth to allow spraying in the workshop.

Here are some samples where I'm testing different methods of dealing with butt joins. The problem is to avoid a seam when painting over. 


  1. Very nice. Make sure you let us know what you find about the buttjoins.

  2. Hi Paul,

    I have had good success with spraying on spray putty over butt joins.

    Also for outdoor painting the old hills hoist is great - get cheap plastic drop sheets from supercheap etc and make a little tent. The four walls are usually enough and keeps overspray under control also.

  3. If your spray painting with it invest in some toilet roll filters make a huge difference and very cheap


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