July 5, 2012

Loudspeaker kits

Currently considering offering speaker kits, including a flat pack of 18mm MDF, drivers, crossovers and accessories. 

Conventional designs available as a stand mount or floorstander.

It's also possible that I could create designs based around waveguides, compression drivers (or horn loaded ring radiators) and high sensitivity drivers. 

I could offer 3 levels.

Budget kits

These would use good quality drivers that would not be familiar. Don't worry, they wouldn't be junk drivers, but would need to be good value and good quality. They need to be well-behaved drivers because in a budget kit, you can't throw money at too many crossover parts to fix problems. They would also use low cost crossover parts (no electro caps though!)

Mid level kits

These would use more familiar drivers like SB Acoustics, Vifa and Peerless. Crossover parts would also bump the price up a little more, including more familiar name brand parts.

High end kits

My recent poll shows that people are most keen on budget kits, but if the interest is expressed, I can also offer high end kits using high end drivers like Scan Speak, Acoustic Elegance, B&C and the like. The cost would be quite a bit more, but your money is going into better parts.

It's quite likely I'll be developing the budget and mid level kits in the coming weeks. With high end kits however, it will take an order to kick start it.

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