January 3, 2013

Accuton + Scan Speak + Acoustic Elegance DIY speaker

Quick heads up about a very nice DIY speaker that's up for sale. This one is designed by Beau in Queensland Australia and it's a very ambitious build!

Scan Speak tweeter (previously Peerless HDS - a very nice driver)
6" waveguide
Accuton midrange
Acoustic Elegance TD10 subs + passive radiator

If you'd like to enquire about these speakers, you can contact me via the contact form link (top right side) and I'll send your query through to Beau.

Or you can reach him direct via this thread:

SNA thread

Comments from Beau:

The speakers were constructed over a 12 month period in 2010/2011. The cabinets are of multilayer construction, MDF/Ply/MDF and are over 1 1/2 inches thick in places.
The front baffles are finished in a high gloss two pack white whilst the sides are finished in a chocolate brown satin timber laminate.
The driver complement includes the Scanspeak D2608 tweeter, loaded by a 6" waveguide,

This hands over to arguably one of the finest midranges available. Manufactured by Accuton, it uses a huge Neo magnet coupled to a ceramic cone.

The bass is handled by 2 10" Woofers per side, custom made by Acoustic Elegance in the United States. They are aided by a pair of 15" passive radiators per side. 

Passive crossovers with low DCR custom made inductors and wirewound resistors make it all sing, with a rated sensitivity of around 90db 1w/1m and power handling well in excess of 400 watts they get LOUD.

Enquiries around $4000 welcomed. 
Location, Far North QLD.


  1. Isn't the tweeter crossed over a bit too low? I would think a bigger tweeter such as the seas t35 would be way better if crossed over at 1200hz

  2. This is not a speaker I have measured or heard and I don't know any more detail than shown here. I don't even know the crossover point.


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