June 19, 2013

Curved sub prototype progress

The pieces fit together in a jigsaw-like way. The final version will use a combination of hardwood and MDF. MDF for bracing internals and hardwood for all exposed outer surfaces. This is to make it more suitable for a high gloss painted finish.


  1. "Ideal for unity horn" - will we ever get to see the S3 Unity horn, progress on everything else except the S3?

  2. I'm not showing everything I'm doing, especially not with S3 which tends to attract a lot of questions. S3 is close to being ready for release. The absence of posts in here certainly doesn't mean nothing is happening.

  3. Hi Paul, where do you get your CNC done, please?

    I've done a CAD of some curved cabinets that I will build up in laminations, as you have, but the quotes have been astronomical; enough to almost kill the idea. I have active three ways that I built and now want to change to a 10" woofer and more attractive cabinet.

  4. Hi Frank,

    I use Lehane CNC:


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