August 7, 2013

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We welcome enquiries regarding our consulting services or custom design:
  • room analysis
  • bass integration
  • treatment advice
  • custom designed speakers and subwoofers
Please contact us via the Red Spade Audio website >


  1. Hey Paul, any update on the Cine 12?

  2. Shoot me a message and I'll respond there.

  3. Good Day Paul,

    My name is Neville Oliphant and I am a aspiring audio hobbyist. I require two custom Transmission Line enclosures to be designed for Commercial Purposes. The design calls for the utilisation of ultra high performance Full Range Co-Axial drivers as well as the incorporation of Passive Radiators. The sizes of the drivers are 12 and 15 inches respectively. I will forward specifications of the drivers on receipt of your response.

    Best Regards,

    Neville M.L.Oliphant.

  4. Thanks for your inquiry Neville. If you would like to comment again with your email, (it will only be seen by me as I won't publish it), then I will respond via email.

  5. Hi Paul

    What will be the cost of the PSE -144 and do you ship to the US?


  6. Hi Darrell,

    My contact form here appears to have stopped working, so here' s link from my main website: ... shoot me a message there and I'll respond via email.

  7. Could you tell me what the drivers are and more on the specs?

  8. Hi Kang Sung,

    Shoot me a message on the contact form and let me know which speaker you are asking about.

  9. Hi Paul, still doing the crossovers for the JV60's ? if so how much ?
    Thank you
    Richard cornell (Hobart)

  10. Hi Richard,

    Feel free to shoot me a message here to discuss options:

    1. Thanks for the quick reply Paul. I'm hoping to purchase a pair a JV60's (sight unseen) which has not happened yet. I always wanted to try these out. When and if I'm able to get them I have to get them to Hobart from Melbourne so its going to be a process before I even see them. I'm getting them very cheap so it remains to be seen what condition they are in and what they sound like. It's good to know that the crossovers are still available. I will contact again in the future if/when I get them. Thank you, Richard Cornell


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