September 4, 2013

Ring Radiator waveguide tower

Shown during testing on an elevated turntable. This is a rear ported design, in which I compare both a Scan Speak and Vifa ring radiator.

The problem with this combination is that these drivers don't want to hold hands. The waveguide is used to lower distortion of the ring radiator and match dispersion whilst also allowing a reasonably simple crossover. Used incorrectly, these drivers very easily sound bright.


  1. Is that a MCM 6" waveguide? I also have that Vifa ring radiator and those waveguides. Can you please explain a bit more how much did you chop the waveguide, and how did you mount it to the tweeter? My ring radiator's plastic mask is hard glued to it's body and it won't come off.

  2. No, it's not the same waveguide. I'm using a different one modified with a mounting ring. There's a good chance I will be offering this as a kit also.

  3. Is there a writeup with more photos and measurements for this somewhere?

  4. Not right now. It's a work in progress, this is a custom job. It might become a kit however.


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