October 1, 2013

LSK kits due for release at the hifi show

At the upcoming hifi show in Melbourne, we have some kits due for release.

Starting from the left ...

M4: an entry level mini monitor.

M5 and M6: value-oriented compact stand mounts.

These are revamped kits with new crossovers and upgraded drivers. 

F47: Our flagship two channel speaker featuring a passive 3 way design with a 4" midrange and 7" midwoofers. In this design we are using high end OEM drivers which we have found to be superior to even the best regarded drivers available to DIYers.

Cine 8.1: Despite being no larger than a mid-sized stand mount, Cine 8.1 hits hard. The secret lies in using pro drivers and optimising senstivity over extension. The driver has such a low moving mass, that we had to use a port just to get to 80 Hz! This means we can achieve 93 dB sensitivity in a compact speaker. A compression driver is loaded into an elliptical aluminium anodized horn, yielding very good dispersion control.

Cine 8.2: This takes it up a notch with 96 dB sensitivity and higher power handling. This speaker is all aobut how much kick we can squeeze into a speaker that is slim enough to find a place in a living room.

HE2: This is designed to be a good all-rounder. It's a passive two way 10" floorstander with a horn loaded compression driver. Bass extension in-room will vary typically from 30 - 50 Hz.

Cine 12: This is the ideal choice for a home theatre speaker in a dedicated room. Features an elliptical oblate spheroidal waveguide with a compression driver, paired with a 12" pro midwoofer. 97 dB sensitivity.

Find us in room 342 at the show.


  1. Very curious about the C12, having built a bunch of econowave deluxe variants. How do you think they would go as a pair of small room PA mid-tops?

  2. Cine 12 is running behind schedule so won't be running at the show, most likely just on static display. It would do quite well for pro use but it's worth bearing in mind that sound quality, HF extension and constant directivity are being optimised over maximum output. This will still outgun many designs due to quality parts and good design, but there are others with larger compression drivers, titanium diaphragms, non constant directivity designs, less HF extension - all these things will tend to mean more output at the cost of being suitable for critical listening.

  3. ball-park figure on what the C12 kits might cost? The situation I'm thinking they might be good for is not exactly 'pro' as such, but as a permanent installation in a 50-60sq.m space, augmented with a sub. The friend who owns the space often has parties and has been asking me about a suitable sound system. I was going to point him at one of the econowave designs, before I saw your C12.

  4. Cine12 would be ideal in that situation. I can't say how much just yet, since there are a number of aspects of the design and its manufacture that are not yet fully resolved. I can say that it will be available as a DIY kit and finished in Duratex black at the very least. In terms of finished options like veneer, it's also an aspect yet to be sorted. Right now I'm getting these ready for the show. Cine 12 will most likely just be on static display.


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