February 21, 2014

Building a curved speaker with constrained layer damping - 2

Test fit of curved segments together with a constrained layer damping sheet:

Not yet attached ...

 Clamping together:

CLD (Constrained Layer Damping) curved segment: 

Ribs are modified so they fit together better:

Priming the bitumen:

Front baffle stoppers - these hold the ribs into position firmly.

Vibration damping applied to the internal surface of the front baffle.

Absorption applied.

First layer of bitumen over primed MDF:

Top walls clamped whilst the glue sets, bitumen applied also. Masking tape is there to keep the bitumen off the middle, where a dowell will be used as bracing.

First layer of bitumen over the first assembled CLD composite segment:

All layers of bitumen applied:

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