March 31, 2014

Dayton Titanic ported sub

The new Dayton Titanic Mk 4 15" sub driver is very appealing. This is a custom sub for a client as part of a home theatre system. In this design, I've used a down firing design to keep things simple in terms of grilles, high driver excursion and little fingers. A key feature of this design is a large slot port with a generous flare at the end.

Good aerodynamics here is the key to ensuring the port does not limit the LFE potential. 

The internals of the port are pre sprayed as there is no chance once fully assembled.

Solid timber feet avoid the weight of this heavy sub bearing down upon the MDF feet. The feet near the port are angled to avoid interference. 

Polyurethane glue is used here for extra strength, along with screws into each solid timber insert.

After complete assembly, the edges were all rounded over with the router and the box is sealed with fibreglass resin to provide a more stable substrate. Often prior to finishing, raw MDF expands and absorbs moisture, resulting in a seam appearing, which then requires more sanding.

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