May 31, 2014

New measurement system

The new measurement system is almost ready. A galvanized steel pole slots into the ground, into a steel tube with a concrete footing and a cap when not in use. Triangulated ties attach to the fascia board, bolted in place to ensure stability. The main pole is 4m high. A block and tackle is used to lift the speaker from just above ground level. The old system was a back-breaker when it came to getting speakers up onto the turntable stand.

The new system also elevates the speaker higher than the mic stand will allow. A new and more stable mic stand is coming up next, with greater repeatability in position.

Not shown above is the turning mechanism, where a lever that looks like a periscope handle is attached to the bottom of the turntable.


  1. is there a reasonwhy you dont do half-space measurements, rather than having it up on a high stand? just curious.

  2. Forget my previous comment about half space. you are doing multiple angles to get directionality. half space useless for that. :)

  3. This setup is for free field measurements that capture all baffle effects with the highest resolution gated measurements practically possible. A half space measurement with flush mounted into the ground speakers eliminates baffle edge effects which I want to see. If the box is placed on the ground firing up there is an interaction with the boundary, and it's a boundary that is more solid than most typical rooms.


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