November 9, 2014

Scan Speak Revelator Tower

This loudspeaker is a custom design that features Scan Speak drivers. The tweeter is loaded into a waveguide which allows a lower crossover point.


  1. Looks beautiful! Any details coming?

  2. This one will stay as a custom job one of a kind. Client had both Vifa and SS Ring Radiators but I'd probably choose the Vifa for an ongoing product, if I were using a waveguide like this. The waveguide helps to allow a desirable crossover point to work with a relatively simple crossover. Someone else had designed a crossover for these drivers and the result sounded quite harsh.

    In fact, I measured and evaluated a Sonus Faber speaker with similar drivers (OEM Vifa XT and 5.5" Revelator) and surprisingly it was also quite harsh sounding. They used a 2.5k crossover - the dispersion was just as good as this speaker but it was sonically mediocre.

    There isn't any hint of harshness here.

    Attaching the tweeter to the waveguide is a bit of extra work. I had an acrylic sheet machined into a mounting plate and attached gasket foam to seal up the join. I also had to deaden the waveguide a little.

  3. Gorgeous looking speakers! Though I think i'd still opt for for the PSE-144 personally ;)

    How would you describe the listening experience of a speakers like this compared to the synergy horn for example? Strengths and weaknesses?

  4. A good design with drivers at this level will sound very neutral and uncoloured. It keeps most people happy. In terms of reasonably affordable and good performance across the board, this kind of thing is a good option. The main weakness in my view is that the sensitivity is quite low and output is limited. You really want to drive a speaker like this with a solid state amp with some power.

    PSE-144 on the other hand has no real weakness. It has scary dynamics, unbelievable clarity and this sense that you could hear a pin drop in a tornado. Listening to dynamic music cranked up loud is exhilirating and comparing these two speakers is like comparing a BMW sedan to a race car.

    A better comparison is probably Econowave speakers, which are closer in design. In comparison to those, it adds greater midrange detail, more clarity and just more finesse and realism overall. An Ewave can sound effortless but the PSE has a lot more to offer.

  5. Hi LTG,

    I got your other comment twice requesting pricing but I've not published it as a courtesy - published emails attract spam.

    I've emailed the brochure with pricing info - let me know if you didn't receive it.

  6. That's a real beauty Paul, great work. I love the choice of veneer.


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