February 8, 2015

Premium passive crossover for PSE-144

This is the premium passive crossover for PSE-144. As you can see, it's a hand made crossover, assembled with great care.

Most speakers are made with PCB based crossovers which can be assembled in minutes. With this crossover, it takes a full day to build a small number of them.

1. First, boards are cut. Here we have used 18mm MDF. Edges and corners are sanded with a slight round over.

2. Holes are drilled. Most holes are for straps to tie down the components.

3. Painting. Boards. Two durable fine texture coats are applied to the raw MDF.

4. Terminal strips are screwed in place.

5. Wire links soldered.

6. Resistors are glued in place.

7. All caps and inductors are both glued and strapped to the board.

8. Boards are tested.

9. Glue is applied to fix wire runs in place. In case of a bumpy ride in transit, glue is also used to hold wire runs apart. Some runs are also glued in place where they run along the board. This is not shown here as the photo was taken prior to testing.

All up this is a slow process. A pair of these crossovers would take around 6 hours or more labour if not built as part of a larger run. On a PCB it would be a matter of minutes.

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