February 11, 2016

20 Hz home theatre horn sub

This sub is a custom design for one of our home theatre clients. The project commenced with a bass assessment where we tested for the best sub positions. In our analysis, we determined that two subs, one in each corner, would work best for the intended listening positions. As all seats were in one row, we didn't have to deal with row variation. This meant that two subs could achieve an exceptional result.

This client already had a sub with the Dayton Classic 12" sub driver. We determined that it would work well in a horn sub design. We used two per box but the client only had to buy 3. Using two drivers per box provides the option to reduce vibration with a dual-opposed design or to reduce distortion and improve linearity with one driver inverted. We chose the push pull configuration as we considered that the linearity aspect would be more important in this case.

Service offered

We offered a design service, delivering dimensioned plans only. The client then had sheets cut by a cabinet maker and built the sub from scratch.

Baffle cut outs with a DIY router jig:

This is an efficient folded design. Drivers can be installed via a hatch and the mouth fires into the corner. 

More build photos to come ...

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  1. Hey, do you have the hornresp inputs for this subwoofer?


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