July 14, 2016

DIY point source horn pre order

We've had a good response to the concept, so we've now moved on to start developing our DIY point source horn kit. Here is our initial concept sketch:

The horn is 500mm wide and has a 60 x 60 degree beam width. Kit will include an integral stand along with an assembly jig that will make it easy to glue the panels.


  1. Very exciting. Any idea about cost yet? Will it have a passive crossover to the midrange?

  2. We're excited about it as well and we're implementing a few ideas to make the build easier and accessible to all DIYers.

    Yes - we will offer a passive crossover option (2 way) so you can bi-amp it with the bass.

    Price - we have a pretty good idea by now but we're not announcing/publishing it yet. There are a few development/production expenses we've not finalised yet.

    Shoot us a quick message on the contact form to stay up to date with email updates. I don't publish prices on the blog as it creates a maintenance problem.

  3. Thanks Paul

    Could you tell us what the approximate directivity cut off will be?

    I know its early days but have you considered a larger option to mate with 10" woofers and have point source down 150hz or so?

    Ive sent you an email to stay in the loop. Cheers

  4. I'd expect it to have fair pattern control to around 450 Hz, which is quite close to its intended cut off.

    We've had a lot of feedback in the past and most are saying "not too big!"

    Quite a few people have asked us about a 3 way, so we're going to have to show people why that is a problem. In a nutshell, floor bounce dip happens in the low midrange region. The best way to resolve it is to use a woofer on the floor and run it up high enough to avoid the dip. So it becomes a huge waste to add 4 woofers to the system with a 20 dB dip in the middle of their passband.

    You used this form?

    I don't appear to have received your message.

  5. Good point about floor bounce Paul, I hadn't thought of that. Ill try and resend that message


    1. You might want to let me know your name, as we are getting a lot of messages about the kit.

  6. Ps do you have a thread on SNA about this?

  7. Looks like someone just had the same idea, as there is now a thread on StereoNET:


  8. Hi paul is there any further up dates on the development of this point source horn

  9. We're working on how to realise a better throat transition than previous pyramid designs. I don't want to give too much away before we're happy with it.

    We may deviate from the original plan with the compression driver. We're still going to test DE250 in the design but we're also going to compare it to some OEM drivers that we will offer as an option. Of course, it all depends on how they perform.

    I'm not sure if I've mentioned this yet, but we're also testing out an OEM 15" woofer as an option for the bass.

  10. Hello Paul,
    Please let me know when you get pricing together.


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