July 4, 2010

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DIY projects
DSE power amp mod
TL speakers
Rythmik servo subs
Fixing TDL speakers
Budget speakers uncovered

5 DIY subs

& How to articles

How to ...
Use WinISD
Design ports that won't chuff
Solder spades
Set up your sub

Feature Articles

Why one sub isn't enough ...

Bass bliss
A basic guide on how to get there

DIY speakers
DIY speakers the easy way - Part 1

Active crossovers
Options for DIY enthusiasts

Hot Topics

Does fast bass exist?
Blind testing - why is it such a hot topic?

& Simulation
Subwoofer in-room response
(It isn't pretty)


Majoring on minor issues in audio
Can't afford it?

Can you pass the bass test?
A quiz on bass


You could be forgiven for thinking I'm a subwoofer nut!

Mandatory reading:

Multi subs - part 1
Multi subs - part 2

Multisub measurements
How to set up your sub

Considering building some of your own?

DIY Rythmik Servo subwoofers
5 DIY subs
Subwoofer bracing primer

Exploding a bass myth
Bass horns
High end bandpass?
Bandpass subs - part 2

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