August 31, 2011

Rave horn

Here is a quick design for a HUGE horn inspired by this thread:

Hornresp sim for 8 drivers loaded into a horn installed into a 1m high stage that is 7.5m wide. B&C 18TBX100

Now a tapped horn with the same driver.

Note that this is a single driver with 300w. Less power is required to find the excursion limits, but the efficiency is lower. The front horn has 107 db sensitivity while this has 100 db. This is 430L while the front horn is 7000L, in other words 16 x larger! However, the FLH doesn't increase much in size when more drivers are added. The mouth stays the same but the throat gets larger. The curious thing is that to match the output of the front horn, you need 16 tapped horns. The volume in the end is the same, but with the tapped horn you have twice as many drivers and 4.8kw of power.

So if the volume limit is the same, you can use 18 drivers + 4.8 kw of power, with 16 large boxes. Or 8 drivers into a single huge horn and 16 kw of power. 


  1. Paul, can you clarify if this FLH actually contains 16 drivers (4s x 4P) or 8 as stated in the text? It seems to be 16...

  2. Jonathan,
    This is something I threw together quickly 4 years ago, I don't recall but just going from what I've posted it should be 16 drivers.

  3. I was simulating something similar for a smaller scale project and came across this post via Google search (although I'm already familiar with your blog), and it had me curious as to why 8 drivers were mentioned when Hornresp shows 16.
    Thanks again for the clarification, and greetings from Trinidad.


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