August 7, 2011

Point source horn driver selection

For my upcoming point source horn project, I'm considering two drivers. Misco JC5RTF and Pyle PMDR5. $500 for 8 of the Misco, and about $200 for the Pyle.

Both are similar in their response, but the Misco is more efficient and has higher maximum SPL. More than enough in both cases. My target is 105 dB in the listening position for midrange, at a distance of 3m with 160w. Working backwards from the target, SPL at 1m should be 4.5 dB greater to allow for distance, hence 110 dB rounded up. This target is exceeded by 10 dB at 1k, so there is considerable headroom.

The holes have all been combined into one for the model.

Hornresp settings used:

Only the driver input settings are different.

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  1. I have also seen that the visaton FRS8M with strong motor do well, I can make a small box behind it from plastic pipe, therefore the Fs do rise.

    I get nice plots on hornresp and she are cheap 9 euro each. I have 4 visatons wsp26s she do also good in senergy horn, maybe I do use them.




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