September 11, 2011

Adding plastic to bass traps

It's been said that restive broadband bass traps can improve with the addition of plastic film sandwiched between layers of rigid fibreglass. Here is a test to demonstrate. In this case, a low profile bass trap was used over the front wall, 0.3m out from the wall. Compared is the baseline (no traps - grey), raw traps (blue) and traps with plastic added (red).

These measurements were taken by Mellow Fellow and posted on the StereoNET forum. You can see the biggest improvement comes from adding the traps, but the film also increases the damping effect slightly. 


  1. Hello
    you posted wrong pic.
    please show me a red one=)

  2. Open them in a new window and you will see they are all an animated gif.

  3. What is going on there?
    The 'modes' that don't decay after 150ms looks more like measurement error.
    Taken at face value the grey one looks the best (apart from at 70Hz)

  4. I didn't take these, I just changed the display settings. I would guess there are some noise floor issues, so that part of things should be ignored. You can check that kind of thing when you take them by muting the output and measuring. You then see only the noise floor.


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