September 15, 2011

Recommended REW settings

When REW waterfall and decay plots are posted online, often the settings make the charts difficult to read. Here are some settings I recommend for easy to read results.

2D decay plots:

Please note: if you experience problems with generating 2D plots, click on "apply default settings" and then change the slice interval back to 30 ms. The intervals aren't important except that it gives the option to see the decay at 150 ms, which is a reference point used in my bass integration guide

Waterfall plots:

The settings on the left for X, Y & Z give a perspective that works quite well. On the right, the time range and window settings are related to the recommendations in my bass integration guide articles.

The graph limits are also important. 

The left and right set the x axis. Set the left for the low frequency limit, depending on how low your system extends. For the upper (right) limit, 200 Hz is a typical value for looking at the bass range. Top and bottom set the Y axis limits. Set the top to just above the highest level measured. Set the bottom to exclude the noise floor. You can see when this has not been done because at a certain point, decay no longer occurs. 

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