October 27, 2011

Australian Audio and AV show - part 3

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Sound Labs Group

Sound Labs crammed a great deal of gear into their room since they have such a large range. Their Audel speakers shown below were beautifully made.

The room was crowded and very popular. I didn't get a chance to have much of a listen, and arrived in the room towards the end of the show looking for photos. 

The Raysonic tube CD player is beatifully made.


Speaker bits

Do you see the Coral full range drivers below? The term "rare as hens teeth" always comes up where they are found. I have heard other Coral speakers in a horn loaded DIY speaker and they were very refined.

Scan Speak Illuminator drivers very nicely presented.

Duntech and Orpheus speakers

I heard both the Orpheus (middle) and Duntech (inner) speakers and both sounded excellent.

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