October 1, 2011

S2 prototype - construction

The first day of building was cutting sheets. This is day two. All pieces cut:

16 in total

They are assembled mouth down and it's a two person job. First I drill and screw to check everything fits well enough. Then I glue the panel you see in front first, then the other side. With the screws holding it together, there is no need for clamps. I can also work on them immediately with no waiting. 

The glue is still setting on this one; while that's happening I'm about to cut off the corners with a hand saw.

This is the result at the end of the day:

All the sheets need to line up on the inside edge. The assembled horn will be placed onto the shop smith next time, the table will be angled down 22.5 degrees (half of the vertical coverage angle). Then I will trim the apex flat with a sanding disc on the shop smith. This is a good way to get them all to line up nicely. Without the shop smith, each one would need to be done individually, taking much longer. 

Coming up:
  • second flare section
  • compression driver mounting plate (already half done)
  • mid mounting arrangement (still will need to be worked out partially at the time)


  1. You know, I could generate 3D models of these parts (or future parts) if you can give me the dimensions you want. Can be easier to get them to sent to a shop with a 5-axis mill, sometimes.

  2. Thanks for the offer, I will keep that in mind. At this point I'm going to talk to some CNC guys, I haven't yet worked out what kind of info they need for something like this.


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