October 11, 2012

Bathurst acoustic room treatment comparison (384kbps)

This video is a stereo recording of music playing in two rooms identical in dimensions, but one is treated. Credit goes to Earle Weston for the creation of this video. It was recorded with two Shure mics in the listening position. The video footage corresponds to the audio, so when you see it jump to the other room, that audio also jumps.


  1. Yep I prefer the sound of the darkened room, Everything sounds more natural and correct. The Reverb sounds very live and natural. The Alison Krauss track sounds so good - even through my iMac speakers.

    Is that massive sub on in the darkened room?

    How much do those HE2 Speakers cost as kits? They sound amazing, but how would you compare them to the Synergy horns overall in sound quality and price / performace?


  2. P.s. So is this what happens when you start to get into high end audio gear and treated rooms? MOR female vocalists like Alison Krauss and Diana Krall start to sound awfully appealing. I'm definately leaving my 20's that's for sure...

    Who would of thought?

    Still love some good techno though, or maybe Sigur Ros/Radiohead from time to time.

  3. I measured both rooms, the untreated room has a reverb time of about 0.7 (from memory) and the treated around 0.32, very similar to mine.

    What you are hearing is a Microsoft Zune and a Weston Acoustics valve amp driving the passive HE2. That's it. Measured in-room extension to 30 Hz! The sub and the big black speakers aren't running.

    HE2 - still working out the price at the moment for the kit. Most likely around AU $1200.

    The Synergy horn is on another level and it would have been VERY interesting to hear it in the untreated room, as I suspect it would really show its strength by controlling dispersion further into the midrange. The Synergy horn is probably priced too low but I'm counting on doing a bunch of them at once to compensate.

  4. Cool well the HE2 sounds like a bargain compared to what you would get at JB hifi for around $1200. How much more are the Synergys with bass modules? (actually do they use active subwoofer's)?

    So could you expand a bit on "another level"? ;)
    Do they get you closer to "music" than the HE2's? How would describe the difference in the experience of the sound?

  5. Also can you run the Synergy horns out from the walls and toed in slightly like the HE2 setup in this video or do they have to be in corners? Corners can be a problem with doors opening and such in smaller rooms.

  6. I'm close to finalising the cost S3 - shoot me a message on the contact form if you want to know the preliminary estimate, or be on the mailing list.

    The bass module isn't included, it's an extra with choices that will have a bit effect on price. I have a 90L sealed box design that is suited to an 18", either the Acoustic Elegance TD18H or a much cheaper Celestion. Considering offering a vented version also.

    The Synergy horn controls dispersion lower into the midrange, I find it to be more resolving in the midrange than just about anything out there. It has an ability to reveal low level detail that seems to get lost in the mix. It does not need to go in corners. It is an advantage that it CAN go into a corner. It's also extremely dynamic.

    I don't have the video equipment used here but down the track I may well do some videos like this.

  7. very nice article, it can increase my knowledge of audio and music.. :)


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